Jimmy Carter (1977 – 1981)
Jimmy Carter
Signature of President Carter
Born: October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia
Spouse: Rosalynn Smith Carter

"As president, Jimmy Carter traveled the world extensively and was deeply interested in promoting peace between nations. Travel with President and Mrs. Carter on their visits to the Middle East and Panama; accompany the president to Camp David where he presides over negotiations between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin; be among those in the East Room of the White House when the president's aspirations are realized with the signing of the Camp David Accords."

--Richard Norton Smith

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The Camp David Accords  
President Carter in Plains, Georgia  
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat Visits the United States  
President Carter Visits Tehran, Iran  
President Carter Visits Saudi Arabia  
President Carter Visits Egypt  
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat Visits Camp David, White House  
President Carter Visits Africa  
President Carter's Trip to Panama  
The Camp David Accords Signing Ceremony  
NAFTA Kick-off Celebration with Former Presidents Ford, Carter & Bush  
Jimmy Carter Bio Film - 1976 Democratic National Convention  


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