Richard M. Nixon (1969 – 1974)
Richard M. Nixon
Signature of President Nixon
Born: January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California
Died: April 22, 1994, in New York, New York
Spouse: Patricia Ryan Nixon

"Putting his own spin on Harry Truman's description of modern presidents as essentially "public relations men," Richard Nixon surrounded himself with professional image-makers. One of these was White House chief-of-staff, H. R. Haldeman, who carried with him a Super 8mm home movie camera in an attempt to document virtually very aspect of Nixon’s administration. Listen to secretly recorded Oval Office conversations and phone calls, and accompany the president on his historic 1972 China trip, as documented by the Haldeman home movies. Experience, too, the tumult of a White House under siege by anti-war demonstrators."

--Richard Norton Smith

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Exclusive Interview with Nixon Advisor and Speechwriter, Pat Buchanan  
Richard Nixon: Portrait of a President  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—China #1  
Reasons for the Support of the Republican Party  
LBJ's Secretary Empties the President's Desk—Nixon Staff on Hand  
President-elect Nixon's Desk Moved Into Oval Office  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—April 1971  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—Marked "Soviet One"  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—Marked "Soviet Two"  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—May 1971  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—China #4  
H. R. Haldeman—Super-8 Collection—China #6  


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