Lyndon B. Johnson (1963 – 1969)
Lyndon B. Johnson
Signature of President Johnson
Born: August 27, 1908, in Stonewall, Texas
Died: January 22, 1973, in Stonewall, Texas (LBJ Ranch)
Spouse: Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson

"Probably the most documented of U.S. presidents, Lyndon Johnson afforded the Navy television unit unfettered access to his administration. The result: intimate scenes of White House life typically off-limits to television cameras. Though less effective in formal television appearances, Johnson owned the telephone—we'll feature newly released telephone conversations, secretly recorded at the president's instructions. Equally revealing are home movies made by Lady Bird Johnson, detailing her husband's 1941 Senate race and their private times at the LBJ Ranch. Join us on the tarmac at Bergstrom Air Force Base as LBJ arrives on January 20, 1969, a former president returning to his roots."

--Richard Norton Smith

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Lady Bird Home Movie # 3—1941 Senate Race  
Morning Dawns as LBJ Dresses in White House Private Residence  
Lady Bird Home Movie # 4—1941 & 1948 Campaigns  
Lady Bird Home Movie # 9—Austin 1943  
LBJ Birthday Party at the Ranch  
LBJ Inspects Damage from Hurricane Beulah  
Anti-Vietnam War Demonstrations  
LBJ's Secretary Empties the President's Desk—Nixon Staff on Hand  
President-elect Nixon's Desk Moved Into Oval Office  
President Johnson Visits Hoover Library  
LBJ Memorial Grove Dedication  
Lady Bird Home Movie #1 - Spring/Fall 1940  


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