A first-person view of the modern presidency from the men who held the office and those who served around them. Join us as C-SPAN presents Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered — the product of an unprecedented, yearlong search in cooperation with the National Archives for rare and unseen recordings from all 12 of the nation's presidential libraries. This continually growing web site houses hundreds of newly discovered films, audio, and video recordings and serves as the companion piece to C-SPAN's television and radio series.

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The Upbuilding of Prosperity  
Hoover family playing in the snow at Rapidan Camp  
Warm Springs  
Fighting President  
Truman in Key West, Florida  
Man from Independence  
Campaign 1952  
Eisenhower World War II Composite  
The Kennedys' Atoka Retreat with Guest Ben Bradlee  
Profiles In Courage Discussion  
Lady Bird Home Movie # 3—1941 Senate Race  
Morning Dawns as LBJ Dresses in White House Private Residence  


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